Latest ABTA/FCO Travel Advice

abta travel advice 
ABTA have issued some information regarding the Governments introduction of some new aviation security measures affecting inbound direct flights to the UK from the following countries

  • Egypt,
  • Jordan
  • Lebanon
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Tunisia,
  • Turkey

The FCO has updated the travel advice for the countries affected by the new security measures.  The applicable information is included in the summary of the travel advice for these countries.

Turkey FCO travel advice

There’s a heightened risk of terrorist attack against aviation; the UK government has decided to implement additional security measures for flights departing to the UK from a number of countries including Turkey in the coming days but no later than 25 March 2017; you should co-operate fully with security officials; if you need more information about how this may affect your flight, contact your airline or travel company.

Please note: The travel advice for the affected countries mirrors that of the Turkey advice – the only difference is the country name in the summary reflects the applicable country concerned.

The full travel advice for the affected countries can be accessed via these links:

The overall level of advice for these counties has not changed and there are travel restrictions in place.

Advice for Customers
People travelling to /from the affected countries who are travelling with phones, laptops and tablets larger than length: 16.0cm / width: 9.3cm / depth: 1.5cm are advised to

  • Comply with the new security  arrangements
  • Contact their travel insurance company ahead of travel as these devices are typically not covered by travel insurance policies either for loss, damage or theft when in the hold.
  • Consider leaving their larger electronic devices at home but we appreciated that may be difficult

Further updates will be provided as they become available.

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